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Omkára Choir Ochestra

The Directors of the Omkára Choir Orchestra
- Gopaliní (Goreti Rodrigues) and Sarasvatí (Ana Guerreiro) - with Guru Jí 

The Omkára - Mantra Choir Orchestra of the Portuguese Yoga Confederation, was founded in 1982 by Jorge Veiga e Castro (HH Jagat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája), International Yoga Gr. Master, who later came to be the Founder and President of the Yoga Sámkhya Institute, and the Portuguese Yoga Confederation.

The Omkára was created with two great and necessary goals:

       1 - To Promote the teaching and improvement of Mantra / Kírtana – the Domain of Extroversive Sounds, of Vibration and Harmony - especially within the Yoga Teachers (and Equivalent), seeking to maintain all of the Power of Mantra (creator and influencer), conserving it in its intact formt, as was intuited and transmitted by the Great Masters / rshi (Sages) from India; and

       2 - To represent the Institution during its Public  Presentations, held in Portugal, India, and all over the World (from Australia to San Francisco).

Given the great importance of these two purposes, the Omkára came to become one of the main Departments of this institution.
The Orchestra uses only traditional Indian musical instruments directly acquired from the best instrument manufactors from India.